Liars & Dupes

Whenever somebody floats a conspiracy theory in my direction, my first question is: how many people are in on it? Let’s take the Moon landing—was it really faked? I’ve read that from inception to completion, 400,000 people were involved. How about just the control room? There were what, 30 people? 50 people? According to the theorists, every one of them was either a liar or a dupe.

Moving on to September 11. I’ve seen a conspiracy video, and have had one recounted to me. One claimed that both towers were lined with explosives over the course of one weekend. How many highly skilled workers would that have taken? 100? 500? Not one has felt guilty and come forward.

There was a documentary explaining the science behind the collapse. The theorists said that the filmmakers intentionally skewed the facts. Which person checked the facts—a liar or a dupe? So, the people at the top of PBS are liars, and all of the people who put the program together are dupes.

Then there’s the rubble and ruins. I’m not sure how many hundreds of volunteers it took to sift through every square inch. There were wallets, necklaces, watches, rings… No explosive material. No small explosions…

What about this pandemic? Too easy.

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2 Responses to Liars & Dupes

  1. 00individual says:

    I’ll give you the moon, but explosives are not bombs, therefore no bomb “casings” would be found.

  2. Your comments are astute.

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