Bias for Dollars

I’d like to get t-shirts made—black cloth with white letters that say “LIBERAL.” It would be neat to walk through the (Lynchburg) mall to see how many times I get my ass kicked. If that isn’t much fun, I could wear the shirt to a Nascar tailgate party.

One time, I was in the waiting room of a small-town car dealership. The television was tuned to some talk show. It had a panel of four adults. They were yelling, even screaming, at each other, making the exact same point that they had made six minutes earlier. Finally, I got up and asked the guy if he could turn off the television. The co-workers and customers looked confused. I tried to explain, but I was rattled. My words only came out as distracted mumbling.

All American news media hinges on emotion. People are more likely to sit through commercials if they feel a connection with the key players. Some outlets rely entirely on anger.

Studies have shown that Democrats watch more television than Republicans. The concept of a Liberal Media Bias is not promoting a specific agenda to poison the minds of the children of America, it’s about selling commercials.

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