Banjo #1 - processed & resizedMy name is David Brandt, and I’ve always enjoyed writing.  I studied English at Virginia Commonwealth University.  My poem, “An Understandment  Process,” was printed in the Commonwealth Times. In the nineties, I published and edited three zines: Babelogue, Rip Snap Meow, and The Crisp Fabric (Tranquil Breezes). I was a regular contributor to Ann Koi’s Lumpy Head.

All of the photographs on the main page were taken by me.

coverFinal100pxThere is a collection of my early essays, Evelyn Avenue and Elsewhere.  If you would like a copy (1.3 MB ­• PDF), send an e-mail to dave@dustexchange.com.  This is absolutely free. None of your information will be used for marketing or any nefarious purpose.

Evelyn Avenue and Elsewhere is not intended for children. There is an explicit scene and some strong profanity.

Here are some friends and family whose help along the way has been invaluable:

Ms. Koi • We exchanged zines long before we met. She came to visit for a few days. There wasn’t any funny business, we just hung out…mostly in silence.

Jim Shelley • Jim is a pioneer of the DIY movement.  I interviewed him for Rip Snap Meow.  I forgot to turn the tape recorder on, so it became a postal interview.

Eric Bennett • We are on compatible wavelengths.  We’ve conceived many great projects that will never come to fruition.  He’s my go to guy for graphic design.

Jhon Ackerman • We’ve been through the rented 4-track days all the way to the digital 24-track Recording Zone. Without his generosity, my portfolio would be empty.

Stephen Brandt • We were best friends growing up.  When we lived in Michigan, he made a large snow sculpture of a dragon.   It was, like much of his work, amazing.Steve Cobain

Alien Resistance • She is my Anwar—the only friend I have left with whom I’ve never communicated over the internet…all postcards and letters.


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