“I didn’t choose writing, I succumbed to it.”            –Rod Serling

Writing is just about my only marketable skill. For many years, it was house painting. My brother Tom gave me my first job. He was often heard to say, “Materials are cheaper than labor.” I’ve done food service and retail—it turns out that dealing with the public isn’t in my nature. For the longest time, I thought I was going to be a professional musician, but there’s more to it than putting words together in a clever fashion. At one time, I wanted to learn children’s songs, to perform at the library. After working at it for weeks, I didn’t even have “Mary had a Little Lamb” down. Staring at a screen and arranging words suits me better than having to tune my guitar. I have a nice guitar, though.

I have been published in the August 2019 issue of The Sirens Call, page 69. The poem, “Moses Container,” was written in the wake of the Heaven’s Gate suicides. It was the time of the three-tailed comet, the time when the internet was just starting to get noticed.

EAAE cover - cropped

Evelyn Avenue and Elsewhere

This chapbook is a purge of the pieces I’ve written throughout the years. It partly focuses on the time I spent in Nashville. I thought it would be a major city with a low cost of living and a happening music scene. I was wrong on all three.

Evelyn Avenue and Elsewhere is not for children. There is an explicit scene and some strong profanity.

I took all of the photographs on the main page of this site.

Here are some friends and family whose help along the way has been invaluable:

Ann Koi • We exchanged zines long before we met. She came to visit for a few days. There wasn’t any funny business, we just hung out…mostly in silence.

Jim Shelley • Jim is a pioneer of the DIY movement. He’s a legend in the local scene. I have every cassette he gave me, even though I no longer own a tape deck. 

Eric Bennett • We are on compatible wavelengths.  We’ve conceived many great projects that will never come to fruition.  He’s my go-to guy for graphic design.

Jhon Ackerman • We’ve been accomplices for…well, let’s not get into numbers. Cinder Harvest was mastered at the Recording Zone. It’s a high-tech, custom-designed, fully functional recording studio.

Stephen Brandt • We were best friends growing up.  When we lived in Michigan, he made a large snow sculpture of a dragon. It was, like much of his work, amazing.

Steve Cobain - cropped

Cinder Harvest Logo - Medium000 - ch-de

Spirit Rage Music


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