Participating in the underground press movement of the 1990’s, I edited and published the zines Babelogue and The Crisp Fabric. The subject matter evolved from absolute nonsense to polished pieces of social commentary. I have forged meaningful friendships with writers and artists I have never met.

A collection of my short fiction is in the works.
It’s going to be called Looking for the Secular Bus.

EAAE cover - cropped

Evelyn Avenue and Elsewhere

This chapbook is a purge of pieces I’ve written throughout the years. Part I focuses on the things that happened during the time I spent in Nashville (1996 – 2001). Part II is a hodgepodge of social commentary and personal essays.

This e-book is not for children. There is some strong profanity and an explicit scene.

The photo of Arrokot is from NASA. The “Bass & Pumpkin” portrait is by Stephen Brandt. All other photographs on the main page were taken by me. (The self-portrait on the top of this page is circa 1996.)

Here are some friends and family whose support along the way has been invaluable:

Eric Bennett • We’ve concocted many crazy schemes through the years. Now, we have something. It’s a paper & ink chapbook called Looking for the Secular Bus.

Jhon Ackerman • We were kids in high school, in a band called Glass of Milk. Jhon now operates the Recording Zone. It’s a state of the art, fully functional, professional studio.

Ann Koi • We corresponded for years before we met. Things became dark and mysterious during the dangerous days of MySpace. Ann is a keen philosopher and a talented artist.

Jim Shelley • Jim is exceedingly prolific. His output runs the gamut from cassettes, records, CDs, MP3s, and streaming audio. His best medium, though, is performance.

Stephen Brandt • The family was watching television. Steve was playing with some candle wax. We looked over and he had created an exact replica of a human hand.

My Friend V2

Cinder Harvest

These fourteen songs serve as a capstone, a swan song, a
requiem for the rock star fantasy of many, many years ago.

Spirit Rage Music

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