Participating in the underground press movement of the 1990’s, I edited and published the zines Babelogue and The Crisp Fabric. The subject matter evolved from absolute nonsense to polished pieces of social commentary. I have forged meaningful friendships with writers and artists I have never met.

A collection of my short fiction is in the works.
It’s going to be called Looking for the Secular Bus.

EAAE cover - cropped

Evelyn Avenue and Elsewhere

This chapbook is a purge of pieces I’ve written throughout the years. Part I focuses on the things that happened during the time I spent in Nashville (1996 – 2001). Part II is a hodgepodge of social commentary and personal essays.

This e-book is not for children. There is some strong profanity and an explicit scene.

The photo of Arrokot is from NASA. The “Bass & Pumpkin” portrait is by Stephen Brandt. All other photographs on the main page were taken by me. (The self-portrait on the top of this page was taken at age 26.) My collage work is featured in “Punk in Context.”

Here are some friends and family whose support along the way has been invaluable:

Eric Bennett • We’ve concocted many crazy schemes through the years. Now, we have something. It’s a paper & ink chapbook called Looking for the Secular Bus.

Jhon Ackerman • We were kids in high school, in a band called Glass of Milk. Jhon now operates the Recording Zone. It’s a state of the art, fully functional, professional studio.

Ann Koi • We corresponded for years before we met. Things became murky and mysterious during the dangerous days of MySpace. Ann is a keen philosopher.

Jim Shelley • Jim is exceedingly prolific. His output runs the gamut from cassettes, records, CDs, MP3s, and streaming audio. His best medium, though, is performance.

Stephen Brandt • The family was watching television. Steve was playing with some candle wax. We looked over and he had created an exact replica of a human hand.

My Friend V2

Cinder Harvest

These fourteen songs serve as a capstone, a swan song, a
requiem for the rock star fantasy of many, many years ago.


Spirit Rage Music

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